Shipping Policy

Cash on Delivery will be available as a payment method only when all of the below conditions are true :

1.Total Cart Value should be less than or equal to INR 20,000

2.We only collect the amount printed on the invoice.

3.Cash on Delivery may not be applicable to all pin codes.

4.All orders will be verified over a call, before being processed

5.If we are not able to reach you within 3 calls, the order will be cancelled.

6..Disclaimer time will be considered post call verification.

7.You can pay for your order only using cash.

8.Only Indian currency will be accepted. Older denominations of Indian currency for 500 and 1000 wouldn’t be accepted.

Sometimes delivery may take longer due to inter alia:

  • Bad Weather
  • Flight Delay
  • Political Disruptions
  • Other unforeseen circumstances
  • Production Issues
  • In the event any delay of the product is expected, the company may, at its sole discretion, intimate the user who may have purchased the same, regarding such delay.

    In case a customer purchases multiple Products in one order, we may deliver the same together. However, this may not always be possible and shall be subject to availability of stock with the relevant designers and brands.

    If the customer is unavailable at a certain date, pls indicate those preferences on email/phone to our customer experience team to ensure smooth product delivery.

  • a) Once out for delivery, it will be attempted for a maximum of 3 times post which the order may be subject to cancellation.
  • Products will not be handed over by the courier before the payment is made, and returns /cancellation will have to be raised separately with our customer experience team.