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Varti Hair Oil

Varti is Ayush certified 100% organic and chemical free Hair Oil – Promotes hair growth by strengthening the roots and deals effectively with dandruff, hair fall and split end.

Luxurious healthy hair is everyone’s fantasy, VARTI Hair Oil transforms this dream into a reality. Hair damage is a serious problem caused due to several factors such as dandruff, lice, breakage, hair fall, split ends, premature aging and lack of lustre. These concerns if not treated early can become a permanent problem .Varti Hair oil is very light, non-greasy and it easily penetrates into the scalp leaving the hair nourished and shiny. The oil is made with the goodness of eight unique herbs which make your hair strong from the inside. The recipes are developed with extreme precaution, precision and care. Varti is very specific about their ingredients, quality and source.It can be used by everyone.

750.00 / 100 ML