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Shreya Sharma | Singer
I’ve been using the Varti magic healing oil. It’s always in my purse because I get migraines very frequently. I gifted it to my dad as well who has been working tirelessly through COVID since he’s a doctor and he has pain everywhere. He’s addicted to it now

~ Shreya Sharma | Singer

Sophia Analdas | Marketing Executive

Shoutout to my favourite skin care product! I cannot even begin to explain what Varti’s magic oil means to my skin. It’s my skin’s favourite meal 🤤😍

It’s a primer, day moisturiser, SPF, night serum, eye brow and eye lash thickener, lip balm and many more things !

I am actually literally in love with the magic oil. I’m not even kidding, I have never written a review all my life, and I couldn’t stop myself from writing one now. I have been using the oil since forever, my skin was really damaged due to regular make up. And ever since I have used the Magic oil, my skin does not seem to be damaged ANYMORE.

Want to wake up to a brighter, softer, smoother, LITERALLY baby-like skin ? TADDAAAAA !

LOVE THIS ! Cannot thank Varti enough ❤️

~ Sophia Analdas | Marketing Executive

Yana Mali | Student
Varti’s coconut hair oil has become a part of my everyday life. It’s infused with bhringraja and hibiscus which helps in keeping my hair healthy and nourished. I like how versatile this hair oil is, I can either leave it on for a few hours and wash it later or I can put some on my ends after a shower to smooth my hair a little if it feels frizzy. It is probably the best hair product out there, I highly recommend it.

~ Yana Mali | Student

Harini Shetty

Been using the Varti hair from the past few months. I can see a vast difference in my hair quality and my hair has stopped falling also. I will definitely keep using this product for a long time.

~ Harini Shetty

Amala Premkumar | Homemaker

The combination of all the oils with herbs like Neem and turmeric is what attracted me to Varti Baby Magic Oil. Have been using it for a couple of months for my baby and feel that  my baby sleeps very well after the massage. The best part is that it is chemical free and free of sulphates  and parabens too. I highly recommend it!

~ Amala Premkumar | Homemaker

Ranjeeta Mali | Homemaker
Varti’s hair oil has made my hair grow quicker and look shinier. The thing i like the most about this hair oil is that it is free of any unnecessary and harmful chemicals, and it is loaded with goodies that benefit my hair and scalp. I’ve tried several hair oils and have not been fully satisfied with any of them, but after trying this one I can tell I’ll be using it for the long run. It smells great and feels really nice when applied to my hair. I definitely recommend this hair oil to women with all types of hair.

~ Ranjeeta Mali | Homemaker

Sanjana Julka | Student

I have recently started using the Varti hair oil. It is made up of coconut cold press oil and various herbs which provide deep nourishment till the roots. 

Due to colouring and constant heat styling my hair had become rough & dull but thanks to varti hair oil my hair has become shinier, stronger and hydrated. I can already see new hair strands growing. There has been a drastic drop in my hair fall. Varti hair oil has become my go to hair product. 

The best part about varti products are that they are 100% organic and based on Ayurvedic ingredients. 

It comes in  lovely packaging. 

It’s a 100/10 recommendation to people of all ages.

~ Sanjana Julka | Student

Priyanka Mehrotra | Academician

I have been using all of Varti’s products since a year. From the hair oil to the face oil to the soaps, I have liked each and every product. Varti’s oils are light, non-greasy and completely free of chemicals, sulphates and parabens. The best thing I like is that their shelf life is only 6 months and hence I can confidently put them on myself without any fear of any action. Cheers to looking younger everyday!

~ Priyanka Mehrotra | Academician

Mohini Karthik | Homemaker

Loved the Varti hair oil and face oil a lot. The hair oil  have made my hair stronger and healthier and the face oil has reduced my fine lines and wrinkles. Overall a big thumbs up for all the Varti products!

~ Mohini Karthik | Homemaker

Sherya Sharma | Singer
The hair oil is great for dry or damaged hair. It really locks in the moisture and promotes new hair growth. I also love that it helps hair gain structure so as to not give in to humidity!

~ Shreya Sharma | Singer

Nagamani Natali | Diabetic Nurse
I am very happy to share my very good experience with varti Magic oil. My old chronic headache relief management is Varti Magic oil. Recently I had Covid and my headache got increased so I applied this oil and my headache was came down. So many thanks to Varti Magic oil

~ Nagamani Natali | Diabetic Nurse

Manjula | Receptionist
I am very happy to share my very good experience with varti Magic oil. My old chronic headache relief management is Varti Magic oil. Recently I had Covid and my headache got increased so I applied this oil and my headache was came down. So many thanks to Varti Magic oil

~ Manjula | Receptionist

Shreya Sharma | Singer
The face oil is a one of its kind product. You expect it to be an oily greasy product but it comes out like an emulsion or a soft lotion and my skim drinks it up. I also noticed that on using, my skin looked visibly brighter and felt softer. A perfect occlusive.

~ Shreya Sharma | Singer

Kobita Jana | Diabetic Educator and Junior Dietician
Thanks to Varti Magic oil for multi purpose uses. I have body aches after my long Covid duty and just few drop of this oil give me much more relaxing feeling. I m recommending to everyone this oil .. it’s really has a magic.

~ Kobita Jana | Diabetic Educator & Junior Dietician

Ranjeeta Mali | Homemaker
Love the face oil. Can see a lot of difference in my face. It has become smooth and can see a glow throughout the day. Thank you Varti!

~ Ranjeeta Mali | Homemaker

Jesse Soans | Homemaker
I’ve been using Varti healing oil since a while! It has been extremely helpful & soothing. I’ve used it to cure headaches & it has left an extremely soothing effect.Few months back when I was diagnosed with Covid I used Varti oil & it benefitted opening up nostrils & blockages completely.Would highly recommend this product!

~ Jesse Soans | Homemaker

Geeta G | Homemaker

I love the Varti healing oil. I use it for everything right for my knee pain to my headache. It has helped me immensely in reducing my knee pain. I also love the hair oil. My hair fall has reduced and can feel that my hair has become softer too.

~ Geeta G | Homemaker

Anu Pillai | Homemaker

Varti products are excellent. I have been using healing oil for the past one year. Being a cancer patient going through chemo the side effects leads to headache. Varti healing oil gives immediate relief. 

Baby Magic oil helps to get relief from pain and dryness of skin. 

Shea butter cream helps to soothe the dryness of skin.

~ Anu Pillai | Homemaker

Manpreet Kaur Bajwa | Account Manager

Absolutely in love with hair oil. Been using it for a couple of months and can see a difference in my hair. It has become stronger and thicker and does not have any hair fall now.

~ Manpreet Kaur Bajwa | Account Manager

Customer Reviews

I have had heart surgery and as I am old I suffer from aches and pains. I use it for my back pain, neck pain etc and can see the pain disappear in a few minutes. I recommend the Varti healing oil to everyone.

~ Jyothi | Homemaker

Dr Anu | Doctor

I have been using face oil for a long time. I can see a major change in my face. It has become clearer, softer and my face is looking fresher than before. I only use it before sleeping and can see a vast difference in my skin texture too.

~ Dr Anu | Doctor

Customer Reviews

I have been using the body massage oil and Baby Massage oil from day one of my baby’s birth. Am feeling energetic and my baby has become active after using it. The oil is very penetrative and extremely effective for my child’s growth.

~ Manjeet Kaur | HomeMaker

Customer Reviews

I have been using varti products for sometime and found it really helpful. I am using hair oil, baby magic oil and healing oil. I found hair oil really helpful for my baby. As her hair stops falling compared to earlier. Also baby magic oil is really good and non sticky. I really liked it.

~ Jasminder | HomeMaker

Customer Reviews

Hello everyone.

This is Meena Mishra.

An author, poet , educator and CEO of The Impish Lass Publishing House , Mumbai.

I am 46 but if You feel that I Look young and glamorous it’s all because of the magic oil effect . I started using Sonika’s magic oil and you can see the difference

~ Meena Mishra

Customer Reviews

I have been using the Baby Magic oil from day one of my baby’s birth. I can see a tremendous change in my baby body, strength, activeness and sleep. I use the oil two times a day and my baby skin has become softer, moisturised and DONT need any moisturiser or a rash cream anymore.

~ Deepali Vora

Customer Reviews

I am so glad I found Varti.

This amazing organic brand which I found recently has changed my skin and hair.I am using their Magic face oil which is a face serum and it has taken away my dark pigmented spots and has added a glow on my face.I am also happy using their magic hair oil as it has all the ingredients to make your hair grow faster and it also arrest your hair fall to a large extent of course supported by your own healthy diet.

I cannot wait to try all the Other Varti products.

I happily endorse this brand as it’s easily available and the best part is that it doesn’t have any harmful chemicals in it to preserve its goodness.It’s an honest home grown affordable product.

~ Sangeeta Mahimtura

Creative Director and a Salon Manager with Silhouette Salon

Customer Reviews

I have been using Body Massage oil from day one. I love the oil feel on my skin. It is penetrative and my skin feels so smooth and soft. The best part is the oil has a lot of organic Ayurvedic herbs which has made me recover faster after the birth of the baby. My legs have become stronger and I have become very active after using the Varti Body Massage oil.

~ Deepali Vora

Customer Reviews

Love the hair oil. Been using it for a few months and could see a huge difference in my hair quality, volume growth etc. My hair feels smooth, shiny and I love the smell of fresh herbs. Also used it for my daughter who had developed dandruff. Would rate it the best organic hair oil applied till date. Definitely a 10/10 for it.

~ Sunaina

Customer Reviews

Love the hair oil. My hair has grown thick and strong after using the Varti Hair oil. Love the smell and the best part is it is not at all sticky. It gets easily absorbed by my hair

~ Yashti Maddan

Customer Reviews

Face Oil is an interesting product.

Firstly I love the fact that it has no added fragrance, you can smell the natural oils. One pump of the oil works for the entire face. It’s not too light so it manages to keep you moisturised till the EOD.

Another thing I love is that it leaves a lovely satin sheen on the face, giving skin a luxurious finish. This is maintained even if you wear makeup, once it sets.

Overall its a Good oil. The smell reminded me of Midnight Recovery Oil by Kiehl’s which is another product I love, but the fact that it’s almost 1/3rd the cost makes it more accessible.

Looking forward to the other Concoctions by Varti.

~ Bijon Burepaga

Customer Reviews

Today I went to a wedding and did quite heavy make up as compared to other days but before applying makeup I had applied the Varti face oil… I was really happy with the results because make-up didn’t get sticky etc as it sometimes happens when we apply any moisturizer or cream … Secondly, after removing makeup, my skin didn’t feel dry … It had actually made a huge difference.

~ Mamta Sehgal (RJ)

Customer Reviews

The hair oil has been working wonders for my hair. It really helps me with my headaches too. It has also helped greatly with my hair fall. Just purchased the second bottle. Great product.

~ Sudeepta Joshi

Customer Reviews

Fully satisfied with the product it comes with nice packaging. Have tried other oils too before we found Varti – had issues of baby getting heat boils  due to which we had to stop the massage. But soon after using Varti baby magic oil, we saw the change in baby skin. It is nourishing the baby pretty well and also reduces chances of diaper rashes. Thank you Varti.

~ Rohit, Sujata & Baby Aashita

Customer Reviews

The products that I have used are the face oil, body oil and hand and foot cream.

The face oil is ideal to sleep with. It is absorbed quickly, leaving the skin feel.soft. It takes a few drops of oil to moisturize and the same goes for the body oil too. Furthermore, it leaves the skin moisturized for a long time and does not get dry too soon.

The herbal fragrance grew on me. The hand and foot cream is ideal for dry feel. Especially taking care of the dead skin with ease.

Varti products are organic and competitive. They have a very good standing in today’s market.

~ Shyamala Sajnani - Veena artist

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